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9kg Monnex Dry Powder Extinguisher


Monnex is a specialist high performance dry powder for use in high risk areas.

High performance MONNEX dry chemical powder is based on potassium allophanate, a potassium bicarbonate – urea complex originally developed by ICI in the UK.

Unique Performance
As with all BCE powders, MONNEX interferes with the chemical reactions occurring in the combustion zone, but MONNEXâ„¢ has a special ability that puts it in a class of its own.

High temperatures in the combustion zone cause MONNEX powder to explode or decrepitate, breaking down the powder into minute particles within the fire. This dramatically increases its surface area for rapid quenching of the free radicals that perpetuate the chain reaction of the fire. Unrivalled speed of control and fire extinction is therefore achieved.

Wide Range of Hazards
MONNEX is ideal for all Class BCE fires, including a wide range of hydrocarbon oils, gasoline, diesel, fuel oils, liquefied gases like hydrogen, liquefied natural gas (LNG), coal gas, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). It is also particularly effective against industrial chemicals like alcohols, ketones, ethers and esters, which conventional dry chemical powders find more difficult to knockdown.

MONNEX can be used to make the most of your fire fighting capabilities whether in a wide range of portable extinguishers or mobile trolley units, dry chemical powder skids or specialised dual agent systems and fire trucks. The high performance capability of MONNEX allows for less powder to be used resulting in lighter extinguishers.

MONNEX powder is renowned around the world as the most powerful dry chemical powder for all Class BCE flammable liquid and gas hazards, where added electrical hazards may be present. It is the discerning user’s choice for all high risk petrochemical, oil and gas (POG) installations as well as extensive military and aviation applications.


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Weight 15 kg


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